Use the force


The beginners kids once again used the RV2 robot but added an Ultra Sonic sensor. We then used this to check if there is an object in front of the robot and if there is then the robot must stop. We also did a slightly more advanced version where if the object was moved closer then the robot would move backwards. Here is the code and a short video of the robot in action.

Drive until close to object code.

Drive and reverse away from object if it moves closer.

Use the force Luke.


The advanced kids also built the RV2 robot. They programmed the robot to speed up and slow down depending on which buttons we pushed on the brick. They also expanded this code to increase and decrease  the volume of any sound that the robot was making. A further enhancement of the code was to limit the upper and lower ranges of the volume and speed of the robot.  Here is the basic example of the code involved without any of the enhancements.


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