SumoBot Battles

SumoBot Battles

During week 4 both the advanced and beginner kids built the normal RV2 Rover or a driving robot of their own design. This was used in Sumo battles. The object of the game is similar to a Sumo wrestling match where one robot tries to push another robot out of the ring. The code involves two tasks, one is staying inside the circle by checking the surface using a colour sensor for the black line that forms the circle. The other task is detecting another robot using the ultra sonic sensor and then charging the robot and pushing it out. Some of the concepts covered is the advantages of rear wheel drive vs front wheel drive, centre of gravity, robotic designs and multi tasking in programming.

The basic code looks as follows. There are more sophisticated SumoBot programs, but this is sufficient for now.

This is  the resulting carnage and excitement when all the robots are added into the ring.

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