Gyroscope and Voting Machines etc.

During the last two weeks we developed two different robots. One was using a Gyroscope and the other was was a voting machine. Following is a description of these two robots. The new kids worked on the Beginner programs.


The Gyroscope is used to measure 2 values;  how many degrees a robot has turned from a starting point, and the rate of turn. So we can measure how far a robot has turned and we can measure how fast it is turning.  This allows us to create more accurate robots. For example we previously  programmed a robot to drive in a square, where we estimated how far the wheels needed to turn in order to make a 90 degree turn. This is quite difficult due to the influence of different surfaces on the traction of the wheels. However when we use a gyroscope we can measure how far the robot has turned and so eliminate a lot of the inaccuracy.

Drive in a square using a Gyroscope.

Using the Gyroscope as a Motion Detector.

This worked by measuring the rate of movement on the gyroscope, if the rate exceeded a certain amount then an alarm was sounded.

Voting Machine

We developed a voting machine, which allowed the user to vote choose between  2 options. This worked by clicking on a corresponding button for each option that was available. The value for each option was then incremented and displayed. This could be expanded to a maximum of 13 options(with lots of trickery). Most kids could manage to expland it to 5 options.






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