Beginner Programs for RV2 robot.

Beginner Programs

Following is a number of programs that can be used by the RV2 robot. I will start of with the real basics and make my way through to some of the more complicated programs that we have developed over the last year. Keep in mind in order to write these programs you will have to install the Lego Mindstorm software.

For the more straight forward programs I will only include screen captures. For the more complicated programs I will include the EV3 programs to download.

Move Straight:

This program drives forward in a straight line with 100% power for 15 rotations and comes to an immediate stop. It uses the move steering block.

Drive in a Circle

Drive in a Figure of Eight

In order to drive in a Figure of Eight we need to add two move steering blocks.

Drive in a Square

To complete a square, we need 8 blocks. It is basically 4 pairs of the same set of 2 blocks that are repeated. We will in subsequent lessons improve on this method by using LOOP statements.


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