I’m Ian. Roboantics is a result of me being a software developer for a number of years and having done a teaching diploma and some teaching since moving to Australia. I hope Roboantics will be a nice balance between playing with semi grown up toys and exposing children to the inherent satisfaction of building something from scratch and making it work. I chose to use Lego Mindstorm EV3’s as the platform for this course because I like Lego a lot, and I’ve also have experience teaching robotics using Lego Mindstorm robots at secondary school.

What Roboantics is about and what it’s not about. This is not glorified babysitting with fancy Lego. Students will be required to think and solve problems. The emphasis of the course will be mostly on the programming aspects of robotics. This is both due to necessity and to avoid it just becoming a building Lego course. However even when using a very simple robot we can do a very large number of programming exercises with very limited modifications to the robot. Initially the programming problems will be relatively simple, such as driving the robot in a circle or a straight line. As the students progress so the level of programming difficulty will increase. Some examples of more advanced robots would be line following robots, edge avoiding robots and  Sumo Wrestler robots. In the future I may develop courses using other technologies such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.